Xerces2 2.11.0

The next generation Apache Xerces-J XML parser

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What's new in Xerces2 2.11.0:

  • This version expands on Xerces' experimental support for XML Schema 1.1 by providing implementations for the simplified complex type restriction rules (also known as subsumption), xs:override, and a few other XML Schema 1.1 features.
  • It introduces experimental support for XML Schema Component Designators (SCD).
  • It fixes several bugs that were present in 2.10.0 and also includes a few other minor enhancements.
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Andy Clark
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Xerces2 project is the next generation of high performance, fully compliant XML parsers in the Apache Xerces family.

This new version of Xerces introduces the Xerces Native Interface (XNI), a complete framework for building parser components and configurations that is extremely modular and easy to program.

The Apache Xerces2 parser is the reference implementation of XNI but other parser components, configurations, and parsers can be written using the Xerces Native Interface.

Xerces2 is a fully conforming XML Schema processor.

Xerces2 also provides a complete implementation of the Document Object Model Level 3 Core and Load/Save W3C Recommendations and provides a complete implementation of the XML Inclusions (XInclude) W3C Recommendation. It also provides support for OASIS XML Catalogs.

Xerces2 is able to parse documents written according to the XML 1.1 Recommendation, except that it does not yet provide an option to enable normalization checking as described in section 2.13 of this specification.

It also handles namespaces according to the XML Namespaces 1.1 Recommendation, and will correctly serialize XML 1.1 documents if the DOM level 3 load/save APIs are in use.

Here are some key features of "Xerces2":

· eXtensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 Third Edition Recommendation
· Namespaces in XML Recommendation
· eXtensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 First Edition Recommendation
· Namespaces in XML 1.1 Recommendation
· XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0 Recommendation
· Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Core, Load and Save, (DOM) Level 2 Core, Events, and Traversal and Range Recommendations
· Simple API for XML (SAX) 2.0.2 Core and Extensions
· Java APIs for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.3
· XML Schema 1.0 Structures and Datatypes Second Edition Recommendations

Last updated on December 2nd, 2010

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