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WIX (pronounced “wick”) is a text markup format.




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WIX (pronounced “wick”) is a text markup format. Its syntax is a blend of Donald Knuth's TEX and various wiki markup.

Its syntax is easy to produce and edit with an ordinary text editor and very readable, even by people who don't know WIX. It also works very well with source control.

It generates beautiful HTML versions of your documents including: automatic "smart quotes" and ellipses, entity escapification, bulleting, < pre > emulation, icon-tagging of pdf and mailto links, easy style switching, and automatic cross-browser compatability.

You get zero-effort, nicely formatted plain text versions of your documents. It's a much more pleasant way to write RFC's and man pages, and you get a nicely typeset pdf version with no additional effort!

It is easy to add your own extensions using Java or Haskell (thanks to Brian Alliet's LambdaVM). Unlike HTML, the "document object model" for WIX is clean, simple and easy to understand.
Last updated on May 13th, 2008

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