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Timecardimport allows time sheet data to be imported from GnoTime or Palm Timesheet into SQL-Ledger as time cards.
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Jeremy Malcolm
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Timecardimport allows time sheet data to be imported from GnoTime or Palm Timesheet into SQL-Ledger as time cards.


Extract Timecardimport.pm and tcimport.pl into the directory of your choice. Edit the variables in tcimport.pl to reflect your database and SQL-Ledger settings. The database user specified must have SELECT rights to customer, employee, parts and projects tables and INSERT rights to the jcitems table.


The supplied tcimport.pl script is a sample front-end that calls on the Timecardimport.pm module to do the actual processing of the file. It should be fairly trivial to write additional front ends (eg. Web, gtk) based on the example of tcimport.pl, and such front ends may be included in later releases of this software. To use tcimport.pl, simply run the script from the command line with the file to import as the only argument.

GnoTime must be configured so that customer and project names are nested. That is, the first level of projects defined in GnoTime are the same as the customer names in SQL-Ledger, and the second level of projects are the projects for that customer as defined in SQL-Ledger. The sqltognotime.pl script supplied can create a template gnotime-data.xml file from your SQL-Ledger customers and projects for use with GnoTime.

When importing GnoTime timelines, the tag for any imported lines will be set to PAID, and the line will be ignored on any subsequent run.

If using Palm Timesheet, enter either the project names, or the customer name (in which case the first project of that customer in SQL-Ledger will be used). Since the import of customer and/or project names cannot be automated for Palm Timesheet like it can for GnoTime, the Timecardimport.pm module does not require an exact match between the name used in Palm Timesheet and that used in SQL-Ledger, but you must use an unambiguous substring in order to avoid mis-matches.

Palm Timesheet records can be exported in a number of formats. This script requires the "clockings" format to be used. There is no conduit to sync these records to your PC, but they can be exported from within Timesheet to an SD Card, or as a Memo which can be synchronised with the ordinary Memo conduit. Either of these methods will work fine with this script.


SQL-Ledger>= 2.6.6

What's New in This Release:

The program now also imports CSV files exported from the Cratchit.org TimeTool for Windows.

Last updated on May 14th, 2008

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