The Epeios XML preprocessor

2013-05-06 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
3.4/5 18
A tool which transforms an XML file to another XML file





The Epeios XML preprocessor (expp in short) is a tool which transforms an XML file to another XML file, by using tags owned by a given namespace (xpp by default, but you can change it). This tags allow to handle macros, to affect value to variables ant to test their values, to include files, ... In a glance, expp aims to be to XML what cpp is to C/C++.

The expp tool exclusively uses system and C/C++ standard libraries. It even has its own XML parser. So, no other package have to be installed for expp to work properly.

The expp tool is also used to test the Epeios XML library, and is also intended as an example to show how to use this library.

The Windows binary is included in the package. To obtain the linux binary, (or the cygwin one), simply unpack the package, and launch make in the obtained directory.
Last updated on May 3rd, 2012

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