OpenDaemon 0.7.0

OpenDaemon (Formerly OpenXMLD) started as an open-source native XML database server.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Khalid Al-Kary
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OpenDaemon (Formerly OpenXMLD) started as an open-source native XML database server, which aims at achieving the following special goals:

Performant enough that it can eliminate all the performance problems related to XML's nature (e.g the need to make a parse tree for each document). so it can offer XML's extensibility in places where any other non-XML database server can be used.
As much SQL-compliant as possible so it can replace the current non-XML servers easily and with a minimum of effort (e.g having ODBC and JDBC drivers with no SQL XML translation stuff.)

After about a year of development, it was found that it's better to concentrate in the first place on the platform containing the server rather than the query parsing and data extraction functionaltiy, the decision was to do everything on its own, by creating a server platform that provides a generic and flexible model of work the same previous goals could be achieved easier and in a more open and distributed manner.

In this direction, OpenDaemon could reach the stage at which it can be a server of any protocol, and the protocol implementation can utilize a broad set of capabilities built inside the server.

Because portability is a concern, OpenDaemon contains well-defined interfaces between its modules, to allow for easy replacement of any part for portability or performance reasons. Last but not least - OpenDaemon is written with object orientation in mind in the C programming language.

OpenDaemon is an extension of the efforts formerly done in KXParse.

What's New in This Release:

Generlized the engine interface so it is not XML-specific.
Engine capability specification.
Support for a broader range of functionality within the engine API.
Configuration parser and API rewrite using bison and flex.
Support for interface association to a particular port.
Support for interface parameters and interface instances.
Generic, more flexible storage API and associated walker.
Multi-process multi-tasker cleanups.
Initial support for engine association to file types using the file extension.
Error reporting model across engines and interfaces.
Improved and more efficient connection handling.
Better organization for the source code tree.
Renamed to OpenDaemon.

Last updated on November 25th, 2005

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