Landslide 1.0.1

Markdown-based HTML5 slideshow generator
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Landslide is a tool that takes your Markdown file(s) and generates a slideshow like this.

Markdown Formatting Instructions

 * To create a title slide, render a single h1 element (eg. # My Title)
 * Separate your slides with a horizontal rule (--- in markdown)
 * Your other slides should have a heading that renders to an h1 element
 * To highlight blocks of code, put !{lang} where {lang} is the pygment supported language identifier as the first indented line
 * See the included for an example

Rendering Instructions

 * Put your markdown content in a Markdown file, eg
 * Run ./landslide
 * Enjoy your newly generated presentation.html

As a proof of concept, you can even transform this annoying README into a fancy presentation:

./landslide && open presentation.html

Or get it as a PDF document, at least if PrinceXML is installed and available on your system:

./landslide -d readme.pdf
 open readme.pdf


Several options are available using the command line:

./landslide --help

Usage: landslide [options] input ...

Generates fancy HTML5 or PDF slideshows from Markdown sources

 -h, --help show this help message and exit
 -b, --debug Will display any exception trace to stdin
 -d FILE, --destination=FILE
 The path to the to the destination file: .html or .pdf
 extensions allowed (default: presentation.html)
 -e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING
 The encoding of your files (defaults to utf8)
 -i, --embed Embed base64-encoded images in presentation
 -t FILE, --template=FILE
 The path to a Jinja2 compatible template file
 -o, --direct-ouput Prints the generated HTML code to stdin; won't work
 with PDF export
 -q, --quiet Won't write anything to stdin (silent mode)
 -v, --verbose Write informational messages to stdin (enabled by

Note: PDF export requires the `prince` program:

Main features:

  • Write your slide contents easily using the Markdown syntax
  • HTML5, Web based, stand-alone document (embedded local images), fancy transitions
  • PDF export (using PrinceXML if available)

last updated on:
November 5th, 2011, 18:43 GMT
license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
developed by:
Adam Zapletal
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Markup
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