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Kid is a pythonic, XML-based templating engine.
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Kid is a pythonic, XML-based templating engine.

Kid is a simple template language for XML based vocabularies written in Python. It was spawned as a result of a kinky love triangle between XSLT, TAL, and PHP. We believe many of the best features of these languages live on in Kid with much of the limitations and complexity stamped out.

Here are some key features of "Kid":

XML Based

Kid documents must be well-formed XML. Output is guaranteed to be well-formed XML.

Embedded Python

Kid templates may embed Python code in a variety of ways to provide dynamic XML output.

Attribute Language

Kid is an Attribute Language and borrows many concepts from Zope's Template Attribute Language (TAL). Kid provides extension attributes for replacing, repeating, and omitting content in XML documents using Python evaluations.

Compiled to Python Byte-code

Kid templates are compiled down to Python byte-code and can be imported and invoked like normal Python modules.

Streaming / Pipelining

Kid templates are processed using a pull-style parser based on ElementTree for efficient output. Kid can also be used with existing libraries that work along SAX pipelines.

What's New in This Release:

Bug Fixes:

The Template _filters list is now an instance attribute (otherwise TurboKid may expand that list endlessly).
In some situations Kid printed misleading error tracebacks.
There was a small problem with indentation formatting.
The representation of the Format class was not correct.

Last updated on April 29th, 2008

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