JabRef 2.4.2

JabRef is a graphical Java application for managing bibtex (. bib) databases.

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What's new in JabRef 2.4.2:

  • Added missing layout formatters FirstPage and LastPage.
  • Fixed a bug regarding ParamLayoutFormatter loaded from plugin.
  • Fixed crash during initalization of journal abbreviation list.
  • Added option to have JabRef search for external file when "Open file" function is chosen for an entry without any linked files. This is similar to what was always done in JabRef 2.3.1 and earlier.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Morten Alver
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Markup
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JabRef project is a graphical Java application for editing bibtex (.bib) databases. JabRef lets you organize your entries into overlapping logical groups, and with a single click limit your view to a single group or an intersection or union of several groups.

You can customize the entry information shown in the main window, and sort by any of the standard Bibtex fields. JabRef can autogenerate bibtex keys for your entries. JabRef also lets you easily link to PDF or web sources for your reference entries.

JabRef can import from and export to several formats, and you can customize export filters. JabRef can be run as a command line application to convert from any import format to any export format.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2008

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