AsmXml 1.4

AsmXml is a very fast XML parser and decoder for x86 platforms.

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What's new in AsmXml 1.4:

  • Fixed a bug with the reading of an attribute with a character reference when the memory chunk is full.
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BSD License 
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Marc Kerbiquet
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AsmXml is a very fast XML parser and decoder for x86 platforms. The project achieves high speed by using the following features:

· Written in pure assembler
· Optimized memory accesses
· Parsing and decoding at the same time

To give an idea of the relative speed of AsmXml, the fastest open source XML parsers process between 10 and 30 MBs of XML per seconds while AsmXml processes around 200 MBs per seconds (on an Athlon XP 1800+).

This parser is intended for applications that need intensive processing of XML. This project will likely appeal you if XML parsing is a bottleneck in your data-flow. For instance, it is well suited for bulk loads into databases.

This is not an all-purpose library, it is not designed to be used with DOM, SAX, XPath and so on. Here, XML is just considered as an interchange format, not as a working format. The aim of this library is to load quickly an XML document into a C structure.

Last updated on November 13th, 2012

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