AreaEdit 0.4.5

AreaEdit is a formVista compatible fork of the rapidly developing Xinha project.

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BSD License 
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1 AreaEdit Screenshot:
AreaEdit is a formVista compatible fork of the rapidly developing Xinha project. AreaEdit project is the code that is generated by the formVista FVML < htmleditor > tag during rendering.

Xinha itself is a fork of the original HTMLArea component created by Mihai Bazon and sponsored by Interactivetools. AreaEdit maintains the original HTMLArea (modified BSD) license and is free to use.

While it is designed to work within formVista without modification, AreaEdit does not requre formVista. It is a fully functional editor component supporting a number of plugins and can as easily be used as a standalone editor component for any PHP web application.

The primary difference between AreaEdit and Xinha is one of focus. The Xinha project aims to be a rapidly developing feature-filled editor with many plugins.

By contrast, AreaEdit takes a slower minimalists approach. It aims first and foremost to be functional and maintainable. The feature set we are focusing on is targeted squarely at the serious non-technical business user. Business users don't care about the nuances of HTML

tags, they just want the editor to work as they would expect.

If your audience is primarly composed to developers or those familar with HTML, you should take a look at Xinha.

AreaEdit is known to work with MSIE 5.5 or later and any modern Gecko based browsers. (FireFox, Mozilla).

What's New in This Release:

This release finally works around the intermittent MSIE "Operation Aborted" error that were seen in some installs.
The documentation and examples have been updated.

Last updated on January 1st, 2006

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