XSearch 0.4.1 Alpha

XSearch bridges the gap between Beagle and find/grep.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Adam Cottrell
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XSearch project bridges the gap between Beagle (simple interface, large search net) and find/grep (powerful searching, small search net).

What is XSearch?

A fast real-time search engine for displaying all regular expression matches within a file, across multiple directories.

Why XSearch?

Linux currently has two leading search methods:

1.Beagle – simple to use, but shows too many matches.
2.Find/Grep – hard to use, but provides exact matching.

XSearch tales the best features from both.

It provides a simple to use interface, but has the power of find and grep combined. In addition, the end search result is an easy to browse list of matching files, and matching lines.

Who would benefit from XSearch?

Software engineers mainly, but anyone who has a large number of pure text files will benefit.

Searching a large amount of source code, across many directories, is both tedious, and time consuming. Think of this tool as a helper to finding that needle in a haystack!
How many times as a software engineer do you find it essential to search code looking for specific functions, or declarations within the source code? Now with XSearch, you can quickly look-up the code locations, and often get the info without having to open the file in your editor.

Last updated on August 30th, 2006

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