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The Transparent Language Popularity Index

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Gautier de Montmollin
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Language Popularity Index
The Language Popularity Index tool is a fully automatic, transparent, open source and free utility to measure the popularity of programming languages on the Internet.

 The measurement of programming language popularity suffers two common problems that are probably the same for most market studies:

 1. The study depends on arbitrary choices on what to measure: blogs, book sales, wikis, open-source projects, jobs or videos ? Or which mix of all that ?
 2. The study may depend on cumbersome semi-manual methods with their own problems:
 * if the method is too complex, nobody will try to verify the results
 * mistakes may remain undetected
 * when a mistake becomes evident, one may either correct it but must admit and explain that the results were wrong for a long time, or postpone or smooth the correction.

 The first problem has no real solution since it is a question of definition. However, a fully parametrizable measurement tool may help discussing the various aspects of that definition.
 We have a solution to the second problem: the tool behind the Language Popularity Index is fully automatic.
 Moreover, you can easily verify the results:

 * all results, including intermediary ones, are published
 * a detailed results grid let you verify individual queries just by clicking the results
 * you can download and build the automatic tool and run it yourself.

Last updated on May 26th, 2010

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