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DOCMGR is a full-featured document management system that incorporates automatic indexing of uploaded files.




DocMgr project is a full-featured document management system that incorporates automatic indexing of uploaded files, automatic content indexing of pictures, automatic ocr, group-level permissions, WebDAV, and a discussion board for stored files.

Beyond its stock indexing subsystem, DocMGR also has the capability to incorporate Tsearch2 (a full-text indexing add-on for Postgresql) for a responsive, full-text file indexing system.


DocMGR was written and tested under PHP 5.0.4 (Apache webserver 1.3.33) and PostgreSQL 8.0.1 on a Slackware box. As far as the OS goes, any linux or other unix-based OS should do nicely. Because of the javascript code used in DocMGR is fairly new, the client will need at least IE 5.5 SP2 or Netscape 7.0/Mozilla 1.0 for DocMGR to work correctly. On the server side, you will need at least Postgresql 7.4.0 and php 4.3.7 for DocMGR to work correctly.
DocMGR also requires some standard Unix programs for indexing files. These are as follows: tr, cat, ps, and which. If it cannot find these in apache's path, it will report an error when first accessing the program. These programs are pretty standard, so I don't anticipate any problems.


Untar the DocMGR archive.

Now we need to allow the user your apache process runs as to have write access to our files directory. By default, on most linux distributions, apache runs as the user "nobody". So, just type "chown -R nobody /path/to/docmgr/files". If you are running apache as a different user, replace "nobody" with that user.

DocMGR now allows you to move the "files/" directory to a location not accessible from the web. This allows the storage of data on a separate drive/partition, or just in a location out of apache's reach.

If you leave the "files/" directory in the default location, or in a web-accessible location, be sure to perform the httpd.conf modification below. To not do so will allow anyone to download files stored in DocMGR!.

In your apache httpd.conf file, add the following lines:

< Files "*.docmgr" >
Order allow,deny
Deny from all
< /Files >

This prevents anyone from pointing their browser to your "files/data/" or "files/thumbnails/" directories and freely downloading files from the application.

Edit the config/config.php file. The file is commented and hopefully self-explanatory.

Make sure you set any options in the REQUIRED section.
Last updated on October 16th, 2006

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