Zoinks 0.4.1

Zoinks project is a programmer's editor and development environment for Unix/X11 systems.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Mike Lockwood
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ IDEs
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Zoinks project is a programmer's editor and development environment for Unix/X11 systems.

Zoinks is a Mac-like programmer's editor that should seem familiar to people that have used MPW or CodeWarrior. It is also similar to Code Crusader, which I used a lot before writing Zoinks. Zoinks also has some features for editing HTML files. An "HTML" menu provides commands for inserting common HTML tags, and you can add attributes by right clicking the mouse on a tag. Some of the HTML editing features were inspired by the Bluefish editor.

Zoinks also provides a simple project file for IDE functionality. Use the "New Project" in the "File" menu to create a new project. In the project window, you can specify a build directory and a build command to build your command (you need to be able to write a make file for this to work!) In the simplest case, the Build Directory is "./" (the current directory) and the Build Command is "make" or "make -k".

After your project is set up, you can build your program using the "Make" command in the "Project" menu. Compiler output will appear in a log window, and you can double click on errors and warnings to navigate to their location in your source code.

You can also specify a command to use to launch a debugger to debug your program. For example, I use "xterm -e gdb ide/zoinks" to launch gdb in an xterm window to debug Zoinks. You can use a similar command to launch another debugger like DDD.

What's New in This Release:

Zoinks now sorts files and directories in the directory compare tree view.
Key type selection was added to the directory compare window.
Miscellaneous bugs were fixed.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2006

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