VisualLangLab 3.14

A Visual Parser-Generator

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What's new in VisualLangLab 3.14:

  • Documentation files synchronized with software changes.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Sanjay Dasgupta
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ IDEs
VisualLangLab is a completely visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for development of parsers without code or script of any kind. It is simple in use, and very easy to learn. Unlike other parser-generators, VisualLangLab represents parser-rules as visual grammar-trees with distinct icons for the grammar-tree nodes.

VisualLangLab's grammar-trees are executable, and can be run at any time -- without delay or other manual intervention -- at the click of a button. Test input for the parser can be entered directly into the IDE or obtained from user-nominated files. Running the parser does not require any other skills or tools. This simplifies testing, promotes an iterative-incremental development process, and speeds up development manyfold. Optional actions -- snippets of code in Javascript or Scala -- can also be embedded in the grammar.

The parser-development process is reduced to creating the equivalent grammar-tree(s) using menu-bar and context-menu operations. Textual input from the keyboard is required only for naming the parser rules and tokens, and for specifying regular expression patterns for tokens. The user-interface is explained fully in The Gui and Editing the Grammar Tree.

The grammar is saved as a XML file that can be reloaded for further editing and testing. An API enables client programs to load the XML file and regenerate the parser. Because of the way Scala parser combinators work, no source-code generation or compilation is required, so parser regeneration happens very fast. Further details and examples can be found in Using the API. The API supports Scala and Java.

Last updated on August 5th, 2011


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