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Spring IDE for Eclipse project provides Eclipse plugins to ease working with Bean Factory configuration files for the Spring Framework.

It contains a Spring project nature (with an incremental builder for validating Spring bean config files), an image decorator (which decorates Spring projects and all Spring bean config files), a Spring view (which allows one to browse Spring projects and their Spring bean config files, including bean properties), and an editor showing a graph from the beans of a single config file or a set of config files.


· Open Eclipse. Go to Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install.
· Select "Search for new features to install". Click "Next".
· Click "New Remote Site". Enter "Spring IDE updatesite" for the Name and "http://springide.org/updatesite/" for the URL (Screenshot). Click "OK".
· You should now see a a new entry name "Spring IDE updatesite" with a mark next to it (Screenshot). Click on that and check "Spring IDE".
· Click on the mark next to "Eclipse.org updatesite" and check the version of GEF which is sufficient for your version of Eclipse. Click "Next".
· Select the features "Graphical Editing Framework" and the lastest version of "Spring IDE" from the list. Click "Next".
· Check "I accept..." and click "Next". Select or add the appropriate site to install the features. Click "Finish".
· Click Install on the warning dialogs during feature verification (both features are not digitally signed).
· After successfully downloading and installing the features click "Yes" on the "Would you like to restart now?" dialog.
Last updated on August 28th, 2009

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Spring IDE for Eclipse provides plugins for the Eclipse platform to ease working with Bean Factory configuration files.


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