QSciTE 0.4 Alpha

A SciTE clone, written in Qt4 and C++

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What's new in QSciTE 0.4 Alpha:

  • Files now encoded with UTF-8 when saving
  • Command-line parameter support (allows for file associations as well)
  • View/Convert line endings between CR/LF/CRLF
  • Convert indentation on a file (including conversion from tabs to spaces)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
The QSciTE Team
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QSciTE is a clone of the popular SciTE text/code editor and it is written in Qt4.

Developer comments

I've created this project for several reasons. First, I was using Mac OS X, and was horrified to find that SciTE was not supported. Second, I was annoyed that SciTE interface differed quite a bit between the Linux and Win32 implementations.

I put the project in a folder and forgot about it for a while. After a friend asked me if I knew of a nice Linux code editor with a similar interface as SciTE (besides the GTK port of SciTE itself), I decided to revive it and add more features.

This project utilizes GNU C++ with the Qt4 interface library. In addition, we're building on the roots of the original SciTE by using the QScintilla2 library, a Qt4 port of the Scintilla library used to build SciTE.

Where ever possible, we're trying to keep the code cross-platform, however, given the lack of general compatibility between Unix-like operating systems and Windows, we will be forced to implement some features (such as the built-in shell) for Linux and Mac OS X, while maintaining a completely different implementation for Windows.

Last updated on March 30th, 2010


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