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HBasic is an integrated development environment used to create, execute and debug programs with an BASIC style language.





HBasic project is an integrated development environment used to create, execute and debug programs with an BASIC style language.

HBasic has object oriented features either in combination with precompiled C++ components (shared libraries) or class definitions (HBasic sourcecode). This also includes a version of inheritance.

HBasic runs on Linux and uses the Trolltech Qt library (>= 3.2). The syntax of the BASIC language and parts of the IDE are similar to existing BASIC IDE's to simplify using this new language.


· Qt version >=3.2

Here are some key features of "HBasic":

· Edit and build HBasic software in IDE with project managment, GUI designer and property editing.
· Load and use packages of predefined components to set up the forms and widgets for your program.
· Source code editor includes syntax highlightning, code completion and code folding.
· Execute your programs with interpreter to avoid slow compilation.
· Create standalone executables with the compiler that may be distributed and executed on other computers without installing HBasic.
· Debugger: Step through the runtime code in different ways. Display values of variables in special windows or by moving the mouse over the variable name in the editor.
· Create components with C++ source that provide widgets or library functions that may extend your HBasic program or IDE features at runtime. If your class has been derived from QObject HBasic can use the signals, slots and properties of the class in HBasic code. Other libraries may be used in HBasic with wrapper functions.
· Use object oriented features for classes defined in HBasic sourcecode or components that have been loaded as a package. HBasic classes export methods, classlocal fields and properties and may trigger events or inherit from other classes.
· Integrated database tools to access tables through the IDE or the HBasic program. Display and edit tables on the table-row level or with queries, reports, SQL statements or database forms that may be set up and changed with the IDE. Edit (read, insert, update and delete) table columns from your HBasic programs.
· Create and use instances of every Qt class with Qt-C support. Call methods or use predefined enum values from the QT library.
· Sheets and graphs in alpha state to test future extensions.

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed some minor bugs to compile HBasic with Gentoo
Last updated on March 22nd, 2007

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