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FreeRIDE is a pure Ruby Integrated Development Environment.





FreeRIDE is a pure Ruby Integrated Development Environment.

Here are some key features of "FreeRIDE":

Edit multiple files in a tabbed edit panel with Ruby syntax highlighting and auto-indenting.
Navigate within a source file using the Source Browser (a tree-style parsing of your code showing all modules, classes, methods, etc.).
Run and/or Debug your code using the integrated debugger.
File browsing
Online Ruby documentation for Ruby standard libraries
Embedded Interactive shell
Code Refactoring (experimental)
Basic project support
Preferences settings for the debugger, the script runner and the editor
For FreeRIDE developers: visually inspect the state of the internal FreeBASE databus (plugin architecture)




The prefered way for installing FreeRIDE is to use the FreeRIDE installers that we built for you. FreeRIDE installers are currently available for Windows and Linux. A MacOS X installer is in preparation. There are many advantages to using the FreeRIDE installers:

You don't have to download, compile and install all the components needed by FreeRIDE (Fox, FXRuby, FXscintilla...)
The Linux installer should work on every fairly recent Linux distro.
You always have the most up to date versions of these components and/or those supported by the FreeRIDE team (it also makes support easier for us)
The installers come with its own version of Ruby so you don't have to install one if you don't want to.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed the problem of the terminal not coming up under Windows (however it currently causes an onPipeExcept which we haven't been to able to track down)
Added a step in the loading of a project where all listed files are checked, files that no longer exist are removed from the properties list.
Fixed a bug on Windows when creating a new directory.
On Windows systems without a Userprofile the default userdirectory is now set to be "C:My Documents.freeride"
Automatically restart IRB when it exits normally or after a syntax error (bug #4574)
Expression that evaluates to ni in the debugger eval field is pretty correctly to prevent crash (bug #4334)
Use project manager open_file so that the loaded file is registered in project properties and reopened at the next session
Fixed several small bugs with the new project code. Refresh now works correctly, as does the RunProject command. Also updated the SourceParser so it now caches source-structures based on modification-times.
Fixed a bug in the RI module the print the doc header properly (followup of bug #2634)
Last updated on April 28th, 2008
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