DB Visual ARCHITECT for NetBeans 6.0

Offers software developers an excellent solution for database applications development
DB Visual ARCHITECT for NetBeans
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DB Visual ARCHITECT (DB-VA) offers software developers an excellent solution for database applications development. DB Visual ARCHITECT is an Object-Relational Mapping tool which provides an easy-to-use environment bridging between object model, data model and relational database.

DB-VA not only empowers you the visual modeling capability for performing both logical and physical data design, but also automates the roundtrip mapping between object model and data model.

Developers save enormous amounts of time using DB-VA to manage the coding of SQL and JDBC transparently with Plain Old Java Objects (POJO), as DB Visual ARCHITECT empowers software designers to perform roundtrip engineering of a relational database into a Class Diagram, and to an Entity Relationship Diagram and vise versa. Likewise designers can also create a database from entity relational models or class models visually on the fly.

DB-VA also generates a cost-effective, reliable, scalable and high-performance object to relational mapping layer. The generated mapping layer includes the support of transaction, cache and other optimized features. DB-VA increases the productivity and significantly reduces the risks of developing the relational mapping layer manually.

Here are some key features of "DB Visual ARCHITECT for Eclipse":

Automate the Mapping Between Java Objects to RDBMS Tables

DB Visual ARCHITECT helps mapping between Java objects to relational database. This act not only preserves the data, but also the state, foreign/primary key mapping, difference in data type and business logic. Developers are no longer necessary to handle those tedious tasks.

Re-engineering Application Based on Legacy Database

DB Visual ARCHITECT allows you to reverse database (DB Reverse) tables through JDBC into UML models. You can form Class Diagram from the reversed models and redesign the legacy database without pain.

Multiple Database Support

DB Visual ARCHITECT promote easy migration between databases by enabling the same set of ORM Java objects to serve different databases. Besides, the tool help transforming proprietary data-type into one that suit the default database which is specified by user.

Well Proven Visual Modeling Technology

DB Visual ARCHITECT inherits the visual modeling environment from Visual Paradigm for UML, a well-known UML CASE Tool that provides intuitive inline editing for both Class Diagram and ERD. This truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get diagram editing facility reduces the effort and time in design the system.

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DB Visual ARCHITECT for NetBeans

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