GNU m4

1.4.17 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
2.5/5 28
A free and open source implementation of the traditional macro processor from UNIX




GNU m4 is an open source implementation of the traditional UNIX macro processor. It is mostly SVR4 compatible although it has some extensions (for example, handling more than 9 positional parameters to macros).

GNU m4 also includes built-in functions for adding files, running shell commands, doing arithmetic functions, and much more. It can copy its input to the output, expanding macros as it goes.

Macros are either user-defined or built-in, and can take any number of arguments. Besides just doing macro expansion the GNU m4 software can manipulate text in various ways.

GNU m4 can be used either as a macro processor or as a front-end to a compiler. It comes pre-installed in many popular Linux operating systems.
Last updated on September 24th, 2013
GNU m4 - The help menu of the GNU m4 software, as viewed from the Linux TerminalGNU m4 - The usage menu of the GNU m4 applicationGNU m4 - The GNU m4 software running on the Arch Linux operating system

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