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Count comment lines, blank lines and physical lines of a source code in various programming languages

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Cloc is an open source and cross-platform command-line software implemented in Perl and designed from the ground up to be used as a programming tool for counting blank lines, physical lines, as well as comment lines of a source code. It supports numerous programming languages.

The software is capable of reading language comment definitions, count code within compressed archives, offers several troubleshooting options, gathers results from multiple runs together by project and by language, and handles directory and file names with unusual characters or spaces.

Command-line options

The Cloc program offers a wide range of command-line options, which can be viewed at a glance by running the ‘cloc --help’ command in a terminal emulator. The commands are organized in various categories, such as input options, processing options, filter options, debug options, as well as output options.

Among the most interesting command-line options, we can mention the ability to report results for every source file, to process all the files that have a specific extension, to use custom langguage processing filters, as well as to ignore horizontal white space when comparing files.

Getting started with Cloc

As mentioned, Cloc is a very simple application that does not even require installation. To use it, simply download the latest version from Softpedia using the dedicated download button on the right, save the archive on your computer, unpack it, open a terminal emulator app, navigate to the location of the extracted archive files (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/cloc-1.62) and run the ‘cloc’ command.

Under the hood and supported operating systems

Taking a look under the hood of Cloc, we can notice that the software is written entirely in the Perl programming langauge and it is a supported under GNU/Linux, Solaris, AIX, z/OS, IRIX64, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x86_64) hardware architectures are supported at this time.

Cloc was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 16th, 2014
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