xtermcontrol 3.2

A free and simple application that enables you to dynamically control xterm's properties

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What's new in xtermcontrol 3.2:

  • doc/xtermcontrol.roff: Document the options that works on OS X Terminal.app
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jess Thrysoee
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xtermcontrol - The help message of the xtermcontrol command, as viewed from the Linux Terminal
xtermcontrol is a POSIX-compatible, free and open source command-line software that lets owners of the popular XTerm terminal emulator program for the X Window System to dynamically control its properties.

In other words, with the xtermcontrol software you will be able to easily change XTerm’s colors, fonts, titles, as well as the window geometry. In addition, users will be able to report the current settings of the properties.

xtermcontrol also supports various XTerm window manipulations, such as lower, raise, maximize, restore, iconify, de-iconify, as well as reset. Experienced XTerm users can use xtermcontrol to run any control sequence.

Command-line options

The program includes a wide variety of command-line options, which can be viewed at a glance by running the ‘xtermcontrol --help’ command in the Terminal app. Among these, we can mention the ability to set the foreground and background colors or XTerm, to set the cursor and highlight colors, as well as to set the mouse pointer foreground and background colors.

Additionally, it is possible to change the font and the window title, to skip a TERM check, to use a custom configuration file, to change the size and position of the window, as well as to do a full reset of its settings.

Various report options have also been implemented, such as support for reporting foreground and background colors, highlight and cursor colors, fonts, size and position, window title, or mouse pointer background and foreground colors.

Getting started with xtermcontrol

Being a command-line software, users will find themselves faced with a configuration/compilation process that proves to be quite friendly. But first of all, you should download the latest version of the software from Softpedia and save the archive somewhere on your PC.

To install xtermcontrol, extract the archive with an archive manager, open the Terminal app, navigate to the location of the extracted archive files (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/xtermcontrol-3.2), execute the ‘./configure && make’ command to configure/compile the program, followed by the ‘make install’ command, which should be execute as root (system administrator).

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