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xenConsole is a curses-based tty/console monitor for Xen 2.0
xenConsole is a curses-based tty/console monitor for Xen 2.0, basically presenting the output from 'xm list' in a full-screen interface with additional domain information from SNMP, colours and somewhat realtime updates.

Here are some key features of "xenConsole":

Xen/domain/host information shown:
Most output from 'xm list'
Load averages for individual domains, if available
Uptime for individual domains, if available
CPU & memory consumption shown as percentages for each domain
Calculated total CPU busy/idle times/percentages
Total Xen host CPU load is indicated in various ways
Continously updates screen automatically
Full screen application, colourized
Easy to use, type 'q' to quit


Perl v5.006 or above
Curses installed
Xen 2.0 installed ('xm' command must work)
Various Perl CPAN modules:
POE #events and "stuff"
Curses::UI #the great looks
Curses::UI::POE (!)
Net::SNMP #do.
Time::HiRes #high-precision timing
Optional CPAN modules:
Sys::CpuLoad #retrieve Dom0 load averages w/o snmp
NOT needed! (yet)
POE::Component::SNMP #retrieving lavd etc. from hosts

What's New in This Release:

Additional data from SNMP is available (swap and memory), a configuration file was added for configurable SNMP communities, and there are multiple fixes and minor improvements.

last updated on:
November 5th, 2005, 16:15 GMT
developed by:
Stig H. Jacobsen
license type:
Artistic License 
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