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WISH Mini-Console is a simple, Tcl-based, Unix-type command-line console.




WISH Mini-Console is a simple, Tcl-based, Unix-type command-line console. WISH Mini-Console software can run single-line and multiple-line Tcl/Tk commands, as well as common Unix commands. It has at least the following advantages over traditional Unix consoles for Tcl users:

Tk text widget offers greater flexibility in editing multiple-line expressions

Command history listbox allows quicker review and re-running of numerous past commands

Multiple-line expressions are auto-tabbed in accordance with standard Tcl style

Paired braces, brackets, and the like can be inserted (and the cursor can be positioned between them) with a single key combination

Word wrap, character wrap, or no wrap can be applied to lines

Expressions in commands and output can be searched for

Code can be saved in files

Users need never type "tclsh" again

WISH Mini-Console is based on "A Tcl Shell" and "ExecLog" from *Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk (3rd edition) by Brent Welch (for "Regular Mode," described above), and on "tkterm v2.0" by Don Libes (for "Teletype Mode," used for logging in as root and any other actions that require a teletype-style terminal ("TTY" or "pseudo-TTY"). WISH Mini-Console will work with Tcl and Tk 8.1 or greater, and may work with even earlier versions (not that I know why anyone would want to use an even earlier version); it also requires Expect for Teletype Mode.

To install the program, you can use the "mininstall.tcl" script that is included in the program archive. After opening the archive (by running "tar -zxvf" on the archive from the command line, if you don't have a better way), just change directory (cd) to the subdirectory containing the WISH Mini-Console files and run "./mininstall.tcl" (without the quotes) from the command line. There's also a "minuninstall.tcl" script that you can run if you decide WISH Mini-Console is useless, but I hope you'll send me suggestions for improvement instead.

The command history list is kept in $HOME/wishes/minpast.tcl; if the $HOME/wishes directory and the minpast.tcl file don't exist, they will be created when the user first runs the program.
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