TermSaver 0.2

Simple text-based terminal screensaver
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TermSaver simple text-based screensaver for terminal windows.

The motivation behind this project is basically pure boredom (laughs). Seriously, it may look like nonsense to have a screensaver look-alike program running on a terminal window. Nonetheless, sometimes, we still want to see some kind of movement, or action on the screen... which invigorates one's state of mind and helps concentration back to the black screen (well, some people like it white, meh!).

If you are:

- looking for some extra display on your main terminal window, to keep the screen busy while you are up to something else; or
- looking for some distractions that may entertain you after too many hours in front of the terminal; or
- with plenty of screen space (so long 80x25 default terminal window! long live 1920px...), and use many terminals on screen; or
- just wanting to pretend you are busy with something (this is terrible)

then, TermSaver is the right application for you.


 termsaver --help

You can terminate a screen at anytime by pressing Ctrl+C, standard keyboard interrupt command for command-line applications.

Installation (fast)

If you can use pip, it's just damn simple:

 sudo pip install termsaver

Installation (from source)

Download latest file available here.

 tar -zxvf termsaver-{version}.tar.gz
 cd termsaver-{version}
 sudo python setup.py install

last updated on:
March 26th, 2012, 7:23 GMT
license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
developed by:
Bruno Braga
ROOT \ Terminals
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