Soiled 0.46

An implementation of TELNET and VT100 emulator for running in the flash player
GPL v3 
Arnt Gulbrandsen
ROOT \ Terminals
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Soiled is a TELNET client and terminal emulator (VT102, VT100, xterm etc).

The code repository also contains a server designed to test mud clients (TELNET clients in line-by-line mode with extra features) and various mud related protocols.

Soiled is implemented in haXe and it can be run in flash player, version 9 and later, making it a good way to let people easily access TELNET based services via webpages.

Soiled has a few features making it suitable for playing muds, it is able to redraw the input line and the prompt when new text arrives from the server, it has support for macros and it keeps a history of both commands entered and text received.

Unlike many mud clients it also supports char-by-char mode and therefor it can be used to access programs, such as vim, and play games like NetHack (with DECGraphics and all the colour one wants).

The terminal emulator has support for most of the commonly used VT100, VT102 and xterm control sequences. See the Features page for more information.

Last updated on November 19th, 2012

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What's new in Soiled 0.46:

  • Version 0.46 adds support for displaying tiles for the vt_tiledata patch for NetHack and it adds support for sending escape codes for the numeric keypad.
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