Slirp 1.0.17

Slirp provides a SLIP/PPP emulator over shell/telnet/ssh/etc.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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STriker RedWolf
ROOT \ Terminals
Slirp provides a SLIP/PPP emulator over shell/telnet/ssh/etc.

Slirp is a (C)SLIP/PPP emulator based on the original BSD sources. It allows the user to pull up a full internet connection over a shell connection, and features sharing multiple modems for additional bandwidth.

Slirp emulates a PPP or SLIP connection over a normal terminal. This is an actual PPP or SLIP link, firewalled for people's protection.

It makes a quick way to connect your Palm Pilot over the Internet via your Unix or Linux box!!! You don't need to mess around with your /etc/inetd.conf or your /etc/ppp/options on your system.

Slirp works on most Unix platforms, including:

Linux glibc and libc5 systems
Solaris 2.x

or any Unix that can compile GNU autoconf'ed programs with GCC.

Palm Pilot users can use this to connect their PalmOS device to the system and onto the Internet, using their home computer as a host. If you need to raise a temporary link, or can't run pppd, Slirp may help.

What's New in This Release:

Changes for operation under Cygwin
Added patch for Cygwin I_PUSH by Michael Wetherell
dns is now transferred to peer, (If compiled with -DUSE_MS_DNS) (Ripped off from hacked pppd version 2.2.0f)
Two dns options can be specified on command line, (Only the first is used internally, but both will get transferred to peer)
Has a hack for connecting to a MS direct cable connect (If compiled with -DMS_DCC) Only works when PPP (-P option) is chosen, but gives effectively a nat'ed direct cable connect. (A chat script option would be nicer)
Fix to exit code that incorrectly iterated list of tty's attached
Fixes to terminal restore code, No longer closes stdin on exit
If stdout, or stderr are redirected, it wont close them (so you can debug using fprintf(stderr...)
No longer removes 0's, 1's from incoming data stream
New Option nozeros to not look at strings of 0's, 1's to cause exit/suspend (See docs/CONFIG)
Can specify alternate tty on command line using "tty ttydevice" (Overrides SLIRP_TTY environment variable) (see docs/CONFIG)
Debug builds log raw incoming data, and ppp checksum fault packets
Minor documentation updates
Does not close all file handles, (Pain when trying to debug)
Can manually turn on early debugging in main()
Most of Tims security fixes in place, (It is still insecure...) Probably snprintf will make slirp less portable.

Last updated on March 7th, 2007

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