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Tidy YUM Cache Plugin





tidy-cache is a YUM plugin to tidy the cache of RPM files. This page provides documentation and other information on tidy-cache, a plugin for the YUM software management system found in many Linux distributions. It helps to control the size of the cache directory by deleting old RPM packages files.

The tidy-cache plugin deletes old or out-dated RPM package files from the YUM cache directories. Package files are deleted if newer versions of the RPM package which they contain are present in the cache.

The plugin is designed to integrate into YUM's clean command so the easiest way to run it is to invoke YUM in the following manner:

yum clean plugins

The plugin will display a list of RPM packages it deems suitable for deletion and then ask for confirmation before deleting them from the filesystem. If you do not want the confirmation message to appear, use the -y command-line option.

Note that the plugin only searches for package files in the cache directories of enabled repositories.


To install the plugin, simply decompress the package and copy the file tidy-cache.py into the YUM plugin directory. On Fedora Linux, this directory is located at /usr/lib/yum-plugins . If this directory does not exist on your system, please refer to the YUM documentation to find out where plugins are stored.

As will all YUM plugins, configuration options are stored in a plain text file in a special directory. On Fedora Linux, this directory can be found at /etc/yum/pluginconf.d . A sample configuration file called tidy-cache.conf is included with the package and this should also be copied to the configuration directory.

The following example shows how the plugin and its configuration file might be achieved on the command-line. Note that you may need root permission to copy files to system directories.

cd /tmp
tar xzf tidy-cache.tar.gz
cp tidy-cache/*.py /usr/lib/yum-plugins/
cp tidy-cache/*.conf /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/
Last updated on December 12th, 2009
tidy-cache - Usage example

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