repcached 2.2.1-1.2.8

repached script is patch set which adds data replication feature to memcached 1.2.x.
repached script is patch set which adds data replication feature to memcached 1.2.x.

Here are some key features of "repcached":

■ asynchronous data replication.
■ single master, single slave.
■ support all memcached command (set, add, delete, incr/decr, flush_all)
■ slave become master if master going down.
■ whole data copy to slave automatically when new slave connect to master.


$ MCDVER=1.2.2
$ RCDVER=1.0

$ wget${MCDVER}-repcached-${RCDVER}.tar.gz
$ tar zxf memcached-${MCDVER}-repcached-${RCDVER}.tar.gz
$ cd memcached-${MCDVER}-repcached-${RCDVER}
--- OR ---
$ wget${MCDVER}.tar.gz
$ tar zxf memcached-${MCDVER}.tar.gz
$ cd memcached-${MCDVER}
$ wget${RCDVER}-${MCDVER}.patch.gz
$ gzip -cd repcached-${RCDVER}-${MCDVER}.patch.gz | patch -p1

$ ./configure --enable-replication
[notice: cannot set both --enable-replication and --enable-thread together]
$ make

make install


repcached adds two new options (-x and -X).

$ memcached -h
-x < ip_addr > hostname or IP address of the master replication server
-X < num > TCP port number of the master (default: 11212)

There are two machines called "foo" and "bar".

foo$ ./memcached (start as master)
bar$ ./memcached -x foo (start as slave and connect to master(foo))

Client set key/val to master(foo). We can get same value from slave(bar).


If master(foo) is down, slave(bar) become the new master automatically.


start memcached at foo as slave.

foo$ ./memcached -x bar (start as slave and connect to master(bar))

All data which master(bar) has will copy to new slave(foo), then master and slave have same data.

What's New in This Release:

■ release of repcached-2.1 for memcached-1.2.6

last updated on:
December 13th, 2011, 13:23 GMT
developed by:
KLab Inc.
license type:
BSD License 
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