psDooM 2000.05.03.b

psDooM project is a process monitor and manager for *nix systems.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
5.0/5 1
David Koppenhofer
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
psDooM project is a process monitor and manager for *nix systems.

It could be considered a graphical interface to the 'ps', 'renice', and 'kill' commands. psDooM is based on XDoom, which is based on id Software's 'Doom'.

This project started out as a proof-of-concept program for the web page "Doom as a tool for system administration" at by Dennis Chao at the University of New Mexico.

Dennis took the GPL'd sources of XDoom and added code so that processes running on the system would be instantiated as monsters, and wounding and killing them corresponds to renicing and killing the processes.

What's New in This Release:

Changed shell scripts in 'contrib' dir to shorten command length when displayed with 'ps'.
Use ~/.psdoom rather than ~/.xdoom for savegames, config files, etc.
Users need to copy current .doomrc and .xdlaunchrc files to ~/.psdoom.
Added references to psDooM in startup header text, X resources, and window title bar.
Modified xdlaunch (ps-xdlaunch) to run ps-xdoom.
Added ability to pass psDooM-specific command line flags to ps-xdoom through ps-xdlaunch.

Last updated on December 12th, 2006

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