lpar2rrd 3.60

LPAR CPU statistics and documentation tool for IBM Power systems servers
lpar2rrd is a tool capable to produce historical CPU utilization graphs of LPAR's and shared CPU usage.

It also collects complete physical (HW) and logical configuration of all managed systems/LPAR's and all changes in their state and configuration.

The rough idea comes from Ondrej Plachy. The tool itself is being developed by Pavel Hampl, IBM Czech Republic.

There is not and will not be any license restriction. Just use it if you like it. Any hints or comments are welcome.

Main features:

  • intended only for HMC based micro-partitioned systems with shared CPU pool
  • creates charts based on utilization data collected on HMC's (lslparutil)
  • it is agent-less, no agents need to be installed on LPAR's
  • it uses ssh-keys based access to HMC servers to get all the data, so it does not cause ANY load on monitored LPAR's
  • it supports all types of LPAR's and OS'es : AIX , VIOS , Linux on Power, i5/OS on IBM Power Systems (formerly pSeries/iSeries)
  • it creates automatically a menu based WWW front-end for viewing charts, configuration and logs
  • it creates physical (HW) and logical configuration inventory of all managed systems and their lpars (once a day)
  • it shows 100 last changes in configuration and 100 last changes in the state of all managed systems and their lpars
  • it shows total memory usage for each managed systems
  • simple to install, configure and use (initial install & configuration together with supporting tools like Apache/Perl/SSH should not take more than half an hour!)
  • no any additional management when any change/adding/remove/rename of LPAR or managed system (the tool discovers everything automatically for all configured HMC's)
  • default graphs are created 1 year back if historical utilization data on HMC's is available (note the HMC keeps 60sec sample rate data for 2 days, hourly data for last 2 months and daily data for last 2 years if utilization data collection is enabled)
  • for viewing older data than 1 year you have to use Historical reports if the data is already present in LPAR2RRD
  • initially the tool loads all historical data already collected on the HMC, after that the tool loads only new data every hour (depends on cron schedule), saves it in RRDTool databases and re-draws the graphs
  • it can be hosted on any *NIX (theoretically even WIN) platform, it just needs a web server, SSH, Perl and RRDTool installed. (check prerequisites below)
  • by default it creates 4 kind of graphs for each LPAR, CPU shared pool and memory usage. First 3 (last day, week and month) are based on 60secs averages, yearly chart is based on daily averages, all provided by the HMC

last updated on:
November 7th, 2013, 18:12 GMT
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ROOT \ System \ System Administration


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2 Screenshots
lpar2rrd - Aggregated graph fully utilized p595 (64CPUs, 94 LPARs, on the bottom are CPU dedicated partitions)lpar2rrd - Another p595 in yearly graph
What's New in version 3.50
  • A CPU Configuration Advisor was added. It aims to provide automatic verification of CPU logical setup for all your LPARs and POOLs based on historical utilization data.
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