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IPMI Tools and Panic Handler Enhancements





The ipmiutil package contains the utilities below which allow the user to access the firmware System Event Log and configure the Platform Event Filter table for the new OS Critical Stop records.
The following files are included in the install:

showsel        - show the firmware System Event Log records
pefconfig      - show and configure the Platform Event Filter table  to allow BMC LAN alerts from OS Critical Stop messages, also shows and sets the BMC LAN configuration parameters
tmconfig       - show and configure the serial port for BMC access
fruconfig      - show decoded FRU board/product info, write FRU asset tag
hwreset        - to cause the BMC to hard reset the system
sensor         - show the sensor data records and fru data.
alarms         - show/set the Telco alarms 
wdt            - show/set the watchdog timer via IPMI
checksel       - script using showsel to check the SEL, write to syslog, and clear the SEL if needed.
showsel.8      - man page for showsel
pefconfig.8    - man page for pefconfig
tmconfig.8     - man page for tmconfig
fruconfig.8    - man page for fruconfig
hwreset.8      - man page for hwreset
sensor.8       - man page for sensor
alarms.8       - man page for alarms
wdt.8          - man page for wdt
COPYING        - BSD License for copying ipmiutil utilities
README         - ReadMe for ipmiutil utilities
UserGuide      - User Guide for ipmiutil utilities
Last updated on January 29th, 2009
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