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Remote management on Linux

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Sascha Manns
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
The FreeRemote project was developed to provide remote management of Linux by means of IR-remote controls, mobile devices (mobile phones) and other sources (eg network). The object that interacts with a source of commands is called a controller. The controller is waiting for commands (pressing the button on the remote device) and sends a signal to its customers on the DBus bus.

The system consists of two parts: server and client.

The Server (daemon) tracks clicks on the buttons and controllers notify their customers of the event. The server provides its service to DBus. For each type of controller the server loads a module. So for IR-remote control (LIRC), the module is used and for mobile devices The server is expandable, i.e. you can write modules for other types of controllers. Mobile devices can connect via:

* USB or Serial cable (using devices /dev/ttySx or /dev/ttyACMx);
* Bluetooth with protocol RFCOMM (using device /dev/rfcommx);
* IR-port.

The main point is that the mobile device provides the ability to track click events on the button.

The Client application is written using a library of Qt4, which, when launched, connects to the server, and performs user-defined actions, depending on the button press. The customer puts in their system tray icon, through which they can manage.

The actions specified in the scripting language ECMAScript (ECMA-262) or JAVA, the library provided by Qt4. Functional script language expand, it is possible to write extension modules, as in C++, and at the script itself.

To run external programs in the script put the function runCommand, and access to services DBus class DBusInterface.

Examples of writing script extensions made two modules to manage through the DBus system kmix mixer and player amarok.

Last updated on August 7th, 2009


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