etc-proposals 1.4.1

etc-proposals is a gentoo configuration file updater.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 13
Björn Michaelsen
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
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etc-proposals is a gentoo configuration file updater, that, unlike etc-update and dispatch-conf, provides a shell with tabcompletion, a Gtk2 and a Qt4 frontend and allows updating of selected fileparts while providing a lot of automatization.

Here are some key features of "etc proposals":

· lean dependancies - only Python and readline for the basic version
· the ability to accept certain changes to a file, while dismissing others
· the ability to accept/dismiss all changes to a file/dir
· the ability to review decisions before they are merged
· dynamical recalculation of changes (i.e. if on update proposes to change a line and is accepted, the user wont be asked again, if a second update proposes the same)
· the ability to undo decisions, if they are not yet merged into the filesystem
· the ability to review decisions, before they are merged into the filesystem
· merging of changes to the configuration files is not done on a file-by-file basis, but can be triggered at any time.
· remembering of unmodified configuration files for automatic merging
· speedup by cacheing (new in version 1.0)
· almost packetmanager-agnostic (portage, pkgcore currently)
· keeps decisions on proposed changes, even if the tool is stopped

What's New in This Release:

· Major performance enhancements were made, especially for the GTK2 frontend.
· Even if you have hundreds of changed files, etc-proposals handles it gracefully now.
· Major UI enhancements were made to the GTK2 frontend.
· The kdelibs dependency was removed for the Qt4 frontend.
· Only PyQt4 is needed for the Qt4 frontend now.
· The etc-proposals gentoo package was renamed from etcproposals. etc-proposals is now in the official portage tree.

Last updated on January 4th, 2008

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