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An Open Source CLI Linux application that dumps detailed information about the CPU

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cpuid 2 is an open source and freely distributed command-line software implemented in C and designed to be used for exporting detailed information about the CPU (Central Processing Units) of the computer it is run on.

How does it work?

The program has been designed in such a way that it can gather the CPU’s information from the CPUID (Central Processing Unit Identifier) instruction. Furthermore, it can determine the actual model of the processor.

To use it, open a terminal emulator and run the “./cpuid” command (without quotes). The software will immediately gather all the information and display it a glance in the terminal window. It takes only a second or two for the CPU info to be fetched and displayed.

Command-line options

It is a pretty simple software that has only a few options, such as the ability to display information only for the current processor, read raw hex information from a specific file instead of from executions of the CPUID instruction, use specific CPUID instructions, display raw hex information without decoding, as well as to use the CPUID kernel module.

Supported processors

It supports virtually all Intel Pentium processors, supports the CPUID (opcode 0Fh-A2h) instruction, supports genuine Intel 486-based processors and many 486 clones. Also, all AMD CPUs, the Cyrix MediaGX, 6x86MX, 6x86 and mII are also supported.

Is my GNU/Linux OS supported?

Yes, most probably, as the project is distributed as pre-built generic binaries, as well as RPM packages for any RPM-based distribution of Linux. A universal sources archive is also available for download for download for those of you who want to optimize the software for a specific operating system and hardware architecture.

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Last updated on October 21st, 2014
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