Webmin 1.700

An Open Source and powerful web-based interface for Linux/UNIX system administrators
Webmin is an open source software that allows you to set up user accounts, DNS (Domain Name System), Internet services, file sharing, and much more, straight from a web browser that has support for forms and tables.

Manually editing of UNIX configuration is a thing of the past

With Webmin, system admins won't have to manually edit UNIX configuration files anymore, including /etc/passwd, as the application allows them to effortlessly manage a system remotely or from any Linux/UNIX terminal.

It can handle any system administration task

The software is so powerful that it can handle any system administration taks, including listing of users and groups, creating users, listing mounted filesystems, managing NFS exports, editing disk quotas for a specific user, viewing local disk partitions, as well as to edit system init scripts.

It can do more, lots more

Webmin allows you to view running processes and details about installed packages, manage system log files, edit configuration files of a network interface, add firewall rules, configure timezone and system clock, add printers via CUPS, list installed Perl modules, configure an SSH or DHCP server, and manager DNS domain records.

In addition, you can set up disk space monitoring, manage users in a LDAP database, set up a scheduled backup, manage tables in a MySQL database, configure LDAP server communication, create email filtering rules for Procmail, view Sendmail email aliases, manage PostgreSQL databases, edit Apache virtual host configuration files, share folders on Windows machines via Samba, and configure Squid proxy server network settings.

It’s compatible with Usermin and Virtualmin

The software is fully compatible with the Usermin and Virtualmin software projects. While Usermin allows you to interact with webmail settings, changing passwords, creating filters, and much more, the Virtualmin module is the perfect tool for managing multiple virtual hosts from within Webmin.

Reviewed by Marius Nestor on August 22nd, 2014

last updated on:
August 22nd, 2014, 11:37 GMT
developed by:
Jamie Cameron
license type:
BSD License 
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Webmin - The list of Unix users from the Users and Groups moduleWebmin - Creating a Unix user in the same moduleWebmin - Listing mounted file systems on Linux
What's New in version 1.701
  • Are you getting the error message Undefined subroutine &main::quote_javascript called at /usr/share/webmin/chooser.cgi when browsing files in Webmin? If so, the 1.701 development version includes a fix for this error, and some other minor bugfixes.
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Application description

Webmin is an open source and web-based software project designed to act as a system administration tool for UNIX-like ...

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