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WISH Command Center software is a simple program launcher.




WISH Command Center software is a simple program launcher. Each program can be launched with a double left-click or a single right-click on the program name. Several selected programs can be launched at once with a single click or keystroke, and you can make a list of programs that will be automatically selected each time you open the program. My wife and kids like it a lot. Actually, so do I. WISH Command Center 2007 requires Tcl and Tk 8.4 or greater.

The color schemes for WISH Command Center (and WISH Supernotepad and WISH CD-Writer--see below) come from WISH Color Picker Plus, a "megawidget" that Tcl/Tk programmers can use by simply (1) clicking the link above to download it, (2) unwrapping the "tar.gz" archive containing it, and (3) following the simple instructions on the WISH Color Picker Plus page on the Tcl'ers Wiki.

Here are some key features of "WISH Command Center":

Extended-mode listbox allows the user to select and launch several programs at once, or to delete several program listings at once, if desired.
Auto-Select feature allows the user to prepare a list of programs to be automatically selected when WISH Command Center opens up. The user can then run all of the pre-selected programs with a single click or keystroke (or not run them, if preferred).
Friendly error message box appears if WISH Command Center can't find and run a selected program.
"KILL" button can be used to bump off an unresponsive program.

The easiest way to install WISH Command Center is to put a copy of the Starkit (wishcom.kit) in a directory in your system's PATH, when you also have Tclkit installed. The next easiest way is to unpack the Tar archive (run: tar -zxvf wishcom-2007-ez.tar.gz on the command line), after changing directory to where the archive is located. Then change directory to the new subdirectory into which the contents of the archive have been unpacked, and run: ./cominstall from the command line. To run WISH Command Center from the command line, enter: wishcom & (or: wishcom.kit & --if you have the Starkit with the original .kit extension).

There's also a "comuninstall.tcl" script that you can run if you decide WISH Command Center is useless, but I hope you'll send me suggestions for improvement instead. If you try it out, please let me know if you (1) like it, (2) find any bugs, or (3) both!


Tcl/Tk 8.4 or greater
Last updated on March 14th, 2011

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