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A data-center grade, bare-metal virtualization engine that provides hypervisor life-cycle management for servers.




xVM Server is a bare-metal, data-center grade virtualization engine that provides hypervisor life-cycle management for servers. It is designed to be a cross-platform, high efficiency, open source hypervisor capable of hosting multiple guest operating systems (including Solaris, Windows, and Linux), with advanced CPU and memory handling capabilities. The server is being built using technology from the Xen open source project as well as Sun™ Logical Domains (LDOMS). xVM Server turns the computer into a dedicated virtualization Software Appliance with a top-of-the-line, easy-to-use interface you attach to over a standard https connection. The data model is exposed as public programming interfaces via WS-MAN allowing direct web-service access to the public APIs from any WS-MAN client.

xVM Server is being developed with some basic hypervisor design principles and some key capabilities outlined below. Developers can find more information about the xVM Server open source project and consuming the public APIs from the Technology page. Users can get a feeling for the xVM Server user interface from the UI Sneak Peek page, or by visiting for complete product FAQs, documentation, and download instructions.

Design PrinciplesxVM Arch

 * Existing applications and binaries must run unmodified
 * Support for multi-process, multi-application application environments
 o Permit complex server configurations to be virtualized within a single guest OS instance
 * Paravirtualization (PV) enables high performance and strong isolation between domains
 o Particularly on uncooperative architectures (x86)
 * Live migration of VM instances between servers

Key Capabilities

 * Checkpoint/restart and live migration
 o Managed provisioning
 o Grid operations: virtual platform
 * Multiple OSes running simultaneously
 o Solaris, Linux, Windows
 o No longer a boot-time decision
 * Special purpose kernels
 o JVM, drivers, file systems, ...

UI Sneak Peek

The UI that is served up by xVM Server's embedded web server is still under development, but coming along quickly. This part of the project is being developed using a new AJAX toolkit. Click here to see a sneak peek, early representation of some of the UI screens for xVM Server. You will also see this UI in Sun's™ xVM Ops Center 2.0 (due for release this summer). It's not complete yet, but gives you a sense what things will look like. The most impressive thing about this interface can't be seen from a static screen shot. The new UI architecture does a considerable amount of processing on the client. This means way fewer trips to the server, and provides for near instantaneous feedback on most actions.
Last updated on September 11th, 2008

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