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An Open Source application engineered as a password changer for the Horde Application Framework

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Passwd is an open source, platform-independent and free web-based application that has been designed especially for the Horde Application Framework, as a tool for changing passwords. Horde Application Framework is a PHP-based software suite that provides the common tools a Web application requires.

Features at a glance

Key features include moderate support for changing passwords via LDAP, Poppassd, UNIX expect scripts, Kolab, Pine, ADSI, Serv-U FTP, vpopmail, SQL passwords, VMailMgr, and the UNIX smbpasswd command for SMB and CIFS passwords.

The Passwd application is distributed as part of a collection of account management modules for the Horde Application Framework, namely Vacation, Forwards, and Passwd, which are known as Sork.

Getting started with Passwd

Before attempting to install the Passwd app on top of your Horde framework, you should make sure that all of its runtime dependencies are installed, such as a PHP installation with support for SOAP, LDAP, Mcrypt, Hash, and Character Type. The Crypt_CHAP PEAR module should also be installed.

The PEAR installer must be used to install Passwd. If you don’t have PEAR installed on your system, check out its installation details When you have a fully working PEAR installer, open a terminal emulator software and run the ‘pear install -a -B horde/passwd’ command to install Passwd.

Alternatively, you can run the ‘pear install horde/passwd’ command to install the software only with the required software, or run the ‘pear install -a horde/passwd’ command to install Passwd with all binary dependencies.

First time configuration

Before using Passwd, you must configure it, so please read the official configuration instructions provided at In addition, you should read the rest of the document to learn more about the LDAP, Smbpasswd and SQL implementations.

Passwd was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 19th, 2015
Passwd - The Passwd H3 (3.0) software in action, allowing users to change their Horde password

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