NoMachine NX Web Companion 3.5.0-6

With NoMachine NX Web Companion you can publish your corporate applications on the Internet and offer them on demand.

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What's new in NoMachine NX Web Companion 3.5.0-6:

  • These new packages include the updated version of NX Client for Windows and an additional check to verify the validity of the plugin archives to be downloaded on the end-user's machine.
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The NoMachine NX Web Companion is a small Java applet and a plugin interface that links the availability of the Web to the unmatched power of NX.

NoMachine NX is a fast terminal server system based on the X11 protocol. In addition, NX also translates and embeds the MS Windows Terminal Server and VNC protocols into X/NX. NX is an order of magnitude faster than VNC or X11 and can run on bandwidth as narrow as 10 kBit/sec.

By embedding RDP and RFB, it enables users to compress and accelerate remote Windows and VNC sessions. NX lets you work fluently even across slow links like modems.

The NX project provides a suite of libraries and X11 proxying agents implementing efficient compression and optimized transport of X11, SMB, IPP, HTTP, and arbitrary protocols like audio over the Internet.

Last updated on June 15th, 2012

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