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NoMachine NX Desktop Server is a cost-effective solution that enables one to deploy centralized applications to thin clients.





NoMachine NX Desktop Server is a cost-effective solution that enables any business to deploy centralized applications to thin clients, mobile and home workers, over any network connection, with astonishing speed and ease of use.

NX uses the power of the X-Window system to bring the network transparency of the Unix world to any operating system, including Windows and Mac OS/X. Additionally NX bridges the standard file and print services of the client, with the Unix file and print services of the server, so that, wherever you are, you can see the same applications and the same network resources.

Besides the native X-Window protocol, NX is able to translate, encrypt and compress industry standard protocols like the RDP protocol, used by Microsoft and Citrix, and the VNC protocol, used by a number of freely available tools, giving secure and fast access to the complete set of facilities made available inside a corporate network. The power of network computing has never been more affordable!

Here are some key features of "NoMachine NX Server":

Deploys X11, RDP and VNC desktops securely over the Internet
Provides unmatched performance, thanks to exclusive compression and aggressive caching
Connects to XDMCP servers, Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame servers on the backend, using the same client
Seamlessly integrates single X11 applications with the native client desktop
Lets users leave their applications running while disconnected and resume from any client on the network
Lets applications access any file system on the client as if it were on the server
Lets users cut and paste between local and remote applications
Prints from the server to printers installed on the client
Plays sound and multimedia produced by the remote application
Integrates with your authentication infrastructure and directory service
Supports industry standard SSL encryption and Transport Layer Security
Fully integrates with SSH, avoiding the need for a further network access port
Provides seamless integration with Web portals and corporate Intranets with one-click access to any application.

What's New in This Release:

This version provides improvements to the session startup procedure by notably decreasing the time required for start-up when ten or more sessions are running.
Last updated on October 21st, 2011

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