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NiceeePC is an automatization script for the small ASUS eeePC.





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NiceeePC is an automatization script for the small ASUS eeePC.

It was written in Bash exclusively for the ASUS eeePC and Ubuntu Linux. Actually, it can fix almost every problem found in a standard installation of Ubuntu Linux like ACPI support, Wifi, OSD keys, sound, bootup speed, etc. The script is interactive so the user can choose what fix or feature to apply. Some of the features are Kernel version dependent (ACPI, Wifi, Overclock), the script can monitor the kernels upgrades and update the system without internet connection OR it can install the Adam's excellent custom kernel for the eeePC. Additionally, the script can install useful software like Skype, UCView, Audacious, Avant Window Navigator, Wine, etc. The script is secure, so it can be run undefined times without crashing the system or you can run any function in manual mode.

The current version of the script was tested on the eeePC 701 and Ubuntu Linux Hardy Heron 8.04.1 clean install.

The eeePC 900 is untested. So, if you want to collaborate please test the script and fill any bug report.

The eeePC 100X is unsupported and untested.

Again, the script is interactive so every feature is optional.

The script enables the functions keys:
· FN-F1: Enabled by default.
· FN-F2: Toogle wireless + custom OSD.
· FN-F3: Decrease brightness + native OSD.
· FN-F4: Increase brightness + native OSD.
· FN+F5: Switch VGA output.
· FN+F6: Toggle overclock + custom OSD.
· FN+F7: Mute default mixer + Native OSD.
· FN+F8: Volume down + Native OSD.
· FN+F9: Volume up + Native OSD.

To install the script please type the following commands on a Ubuntu Hardy clean install (you will need wired connection):

sudo mkdir /usr/share/niceeepc
cd /usr/share/niceeepc
sudo wget
sudo tar zxvf niceeepc-1.0.tar.gz
sudo ln /usr/share/niceeepc/ /usr/bin/niceeepc
niceeepc first-run

Based on work from:
· Ubuntu eee
· eeebuntu
· Ubuntu eeePC Wiki
· Fedora eeePC Wiki
· Debian eeePC Wiki
· Gentoo eeePC Wiki

Special thanks to:
· All the kind software libre community.
· Kiwidrew for all the hard work on the eee module.
· Adam McDaniel for the excellent eeePC custom kernel.
· The Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Gentoo project.
· All the kind community from
Last updated on November 3rd, 2008

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