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MountManager is a program for easy and understanding management of mounting in Linux.






MountManager is a program for easy and understanding management of mounting in Linux.

Developer comments

As we are admirers of Linux and we want to do Linux more popular, friendly and understandable. Based on own experience, we decided, that basic thing, which scare away beginners - unfriendly of Linux. After installing of any distribution user have to read a lot of manuals, edit many files, create scripts for fast word in the system, etc. If user migrate from Windows, then it will seem to him as terror and he'll say: "Why I must spend so much time for setting of Linux, when I can press some buttons in Windows and the system will be ready for working?". Many users of Linux ask on it so: "It's better to set Linux one time, then always press on buttons in Linux". And we say the same, but this one time of setting Linux takes a lot of time,power,nerves and quastions on forums. Not every user can tolerate it. And to do this process more easy,faster, etc we decided to create a project "LinuxTuner".

However we don't throw cargo of information about inside structure of operation system from user. This information we want to show more understandable, readable, but if user think, that it's spare information for him he can skip it.

There are a lot of programs, which is GUI for editing of config files, but looks it very funny. The best program, which has simaler idea is Yast, but for first, only Suse has it; for second, we don't agree with some things in Yast. LinuxTuner - isn't GUI for config files. It's expert system, which can help user to make a good choice or make it without man.


LinuxTuner is a platform, which consists of plugins. The first plugin is the MountManager.
Last updated on January 6th, 2009
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