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h-inventory provides Web-based hardware and software inventory management for Windows, Linux, and BSD machines.




H-inventory project was developed to meet the needs for a training center of network administrators.

Indeed, the stations are redeployed every week and are not linked to active directory, those are renamed each week so we cannot base us on the name.

The problem is thus the identification of the machine. We thus decided to base us on the concatenation of all the MAC addresses of the machine.

What's New in This Release:

Inventory Quick Search Multiple edition of extra fields Cron synchronization Default Location Auto location by script Statistics filtered by locations
Incidents Quick search Edition and deletion Archiving Multiple incidents types and subtypes
Monitoring Cron to automate monitoring and audit
Knowledge Base New
Deployment Interface and DB improvement New installation method with the 0.2 version of the client
Admin Maintenance (tar xml files to obtain some space)
General New installer All interfaces reviewed
Development (to improve the facility to extend the application) Bug corrections Full php5 object now Comments on code Xhtml 1.0 strict
Last updated on April 6th, 2007

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