Gentoox Loader6.07

GPL (GNU General Public License)    
The Gentoox loader




The Gentoox loader in .bin (BIOS) and .xbe (Xbox Executable) format.

Gentoox Linux is an adaptation of the popular source based Linux distribution called Gentoo. It is compiled from Stage 1 with full optimizations to run on a Microsoft Xbox games console. Software or hardware mods are required.

Gentoox runs along side games - you get 3 choices during installation: E, F and Native. Both E and F create a loopback filesystem meaning that none of your drives are formatted during installation (except for cache partitions). If you choose "Native", then your F: partition is formatted to ReiserFS (making it inaccessible to Xbox applications).

Gentoox can be loaded via a .xbe file, or from a Cromwell based BIOS (which can be flashed to your modchip during installation). When using E or F installations, you are totally risk free - if you dont like Gentoox, simply delete all the files it installs (about 7 in total) and its gone.

All Gentoox versions are 100% free and opensource.
Last updated on February 1st, 2009

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