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FreeNAC provides Virtual LAN assignment, LAN access control, live network end-device discovery.




FreeNAC provides Virtual LAN assignment, LAN access control (for all kinds of network devices such as Servers, Workstations, Printers, IP-Phones ..), live network end-device discovery.

Both Cisco's VMPS and 802.1x port security modes are supported. VLAN, switch port management and documentation of Patch cabling is also included.

Here are some key features of "FreeNAC":

Dynamic VLAN assignment
LAN access control
Flexibility of LAN authentication mechanisms: 802.1x, VMPS/Mac, Cisco Mac-Auth-Bypass
Highly automated
Redundancy and load sharing for high availability
Live inventory of end-devices on the network
Switch port programming
Documentation of LAN cabling
Flexible reporting

The enterprise LAN needs to be easy to use and reliable, however many people such as visitors, employees, cleaners, temporary staff, often have physical access to LAN sockets located in open workspaces such as:

Open-plan offices
Meeting rooms
Hallways & corners (printers, kiosks, webcams...)
Unlocked wiring closet rooms

Mobility can worsen the problem of having unauthorised users in your network, since users expect to be able to connect to any socket, in any room, easily. CableOften there is not enough Ethernet cabling leading to the use of hubs/un-managed switches, which provides even more opportunity for connection of unauthorised devices. Ethernet LAN network sockets may be accessible by employees, visitors, cleaning staff, electricians, etc. This is why one may wish to know what is connecting to your network, where, when, in order to prevent rogue users who might pose a security risk by introducing viruses, disrupting services, sniffing traffic, or accessing internal data and resources...
Last updated on November 16th, 2007

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