FileTraq 0.2

FileTraq is designed to be run periodically from the root crontab.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jeremy Weatherford
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
FileTraq software is designed to be run periodically from the root crontab. Each time, it compares a list of system files with the copies that it keeps. Any changes are reported in diff or patchfile style, and dated backup copies are kept.

What's that good for?

It's designed to be an easy way to ensure that no system files are changed
without your knowledge. If you're worried about people breaking in and
changing things without you noticing, or just worried about the other guy
with root on the box changing things and forgetting to tell you, it's a good
way to keep tabs on configuration files.

It can even be useful to add some sanity to your own life, by reminding you
when files are changed. If you keep track of the messages you get back from
FileTraq, you'll have a rudimentary file history that will allow you to flip
back to see when you changed a certain thing. Dated backups are also kept,
just in case you nuke a file.

How's it work?

It's just a little shell script that reads a list of files to watch, runs diff
against each file and its backup, and reports any discrepancies, along with
keeping a dated backup of the original.

Is there anything wrong with it?

Right now, it doesn't take care of its backups very well. The dated backups
will accumulate in the backups directory, bounded only by diskspace. If anyone
has an idea for a SIMPLE way to keep backups in check, let me know.

It only handles text files -- this isn't a Tripwire replacement for use with
system binaries. I suppose it could be, though.

FileTraq is not well tested or hardened. It runs as root, but all of its
config files should only be accessible by root. No security holes are known
at this time, but please be careful.

What's New in This Release:

a few new features

Last updated on June 26th, 2007

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