Capistrano 2.3.0

Capistrano is a utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple machines.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Jamis Buck and David Heinemeier Hansson
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
Capistrano is a utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple machines, such as deploying applications to a cluster of boxes.

You lead a busy life. You don't have the time to waste logging in and logging out of your servers all day, running tasks, installing software, keeping machines in sync, and trying to make sure it all happens correctly.

Let Capistrano do the heavy lifting for you. It is designed with repeatability in mind, letting you easily and reliably automate tasks that used to require login after login and a small army of custom shell scripts.

Here are some key features of "Capistrano":

Great for automating tasks via SSH on remote servers, like software installation, application deployment, configuration management, ad hoc server monitoring, and more.
Ideal for system administrators, whether professional or incidental.
Easy to customize. Its configuration files use the Ruby programming language syntax, but you don't need to know Ruby to do most things with Capistrano.
Easy to extend. Capistrano is written in the Ruby programming language, and may be extended easily by writing additional Ruby modules.



What's New in This Release:

Make sure git fetches include tags
Make deploy:setup obey the :use_sudo and :runner directives, and generalize the :use_sudo and :runner options into a try_sudo() helper method
Make sudo helper play nicely with complex command chains
Expand file-transfer options with new upload() and download() helpers.
Allow SCP transfers in addition to SFTP.
Use Net::SSH v2 and Net::SSH::Gateway.
Added #export method for git SCM
For query_revision, git SCM used git-rev-parse on the repo hosting the Capfile, which may NOT be the same tree as the actual source reposistory. Use git-ls-remote instead to resolve the revision for checkout.
Allow :ssh_options hash to be specified per serverAdded support for depend :remote, :file to test for existence of a specific file
Ensure that the default run options are mixed into the command options when executing a command from the cap shell
Added :none SCM module for deploying a specific directory's contents
Improved "copy" strategy supports local caching and pattern exclusion (via :copy_cache and :copy_exclude variables)

Last updated on May 6th, 2008

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