CPAN+changelog 1.38

CPAN+changelog is a wrapper for some of the CPAN modules' functions, namely

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What's new in CPAN+changelog 1.38:

  • Parsing of distribution file names was fixed to allow suffixes of the form "-RCn".
  • This is necessary to avoid installing a complete Perl interpreter.
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Matthias Ferdinand
ROOT \ System \ System Administration
If you are administrator for a Perl installation and you use CPAN for updating Perl modules, then this software provides some assistance to you.

CPAN+changelog is a wrapper for some of the CPAN modules' functions, namely "r" (upgrade recommendations) and "install". These functions are enriched with ChangeLog and BuildLog functionality. A new "history" function allows you to look up when a modules' version has changed.

This aims at making module installation/upgrades more transparent (ChangeLog) and easier to analyse in retrospect (BuildLog).

"r": for every upgradeable module the corresponding ChangeLog entries are shown. This makes for an interesting read and helps you in deciding how urgent an upgrade for that module is.

"install": provides a BuildLog for all of the output produced during install. Additionally, it creates an installation snapshot by calling "autobundle" after a successful install. Those snapshots help you to recreate the same module environment on another installation. Also, the "history" function uses them. A warning is issued if a modules' version number has not changed during upgrade, indicating a build problem.

"history": looks for Snapshots and BuildLogs indicating that a module has been installed or where the install has failed.

Last updated on November 19th, 2008

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